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There will be no friday night meeting or dinner. However competitors are required to be off the water the Friday before the tournament by 5pm.

Our tournament will blast off from Leesville Lake Marina, Boat check will begin at 5am. We ask you not to congregate at the boat ramp or on the dock. Please maintain 6ft social distancing. I will give all competitors the blast off numbers at boat check.

Live wells will be checked on the water as we blast off and slowly leave the no wake zone.

Minimum size limit is 2-12inch and 3 -14inch bass

Below is our standard rules for our tournaments for the rest of the season.

The covid 19 pandemic has caused our national office to make some decisions as it relates to the safety of our participants  moving forward the rest of the 2020 season our division will be run following these guide lines.

1. We will not have a Friday night meeting.

2. All registrations must be paid the friday before the tournament, we have a PayPal link so this should not be an issue. You can mail in the entry form and check if you wish but I must receive those on or before the Friday before the tournament. No entry forms or payments will be allowed the morning of the tournament.

3. We will maintain 6ft social distancing at all times. No hand shaking or gatherings at anytime.

4. We will have an on water devotional prior to blast off.

5. Blast off numbers will be given out at the ramp the morning of tournament.

6. All weigh inns will be trailered weigh in. We will call boat numbers for the weigh in. If you dont have fish to weigh when you get off the water and check in then tell the tournament director.

7. We will be calling teams up in threes. This way will not have more then 10 at the weigh scales at a time.

8. We will be spacing things out to make sure we are being safe for all persons at the tournament.

9. Competitors are asked to be patient as this is a new normal for this year and we will do our best to get folks in and out for weigh in as quickly and as safely as possible.

10. Because we are doing a trailered weighin, we may not set up the bump tanks and we ask all of you to use rejuvenate or other fish protectant in your livewells.

11. Awards will be given out, however if you prefer to have the awards mailed to you we can do that as well.


Legacy Tournment Leesville Lake - 07/11/20



Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 19307 Thomas Thompson
Savion Thompson
5 4.52 12.57 0 12.57 200

2 25682 Ray Armes
Pierson Armes
5 3.25 10.68 0 10.68 199

3 24834 Donald King
Matthew King
4 4.95 9.28 0.5 8.78 198

4 26230 Jeremy Davis
Maddox Mason
5 0 8.48 0 8.48 197

5 24355 Kameron Hall
Tanner Carter
4 0 8.46 0 8.46 196

6 17533 Mike Smith
Evan Smith
4 3.71 7.48 0 7.48 195

7 23023 Darren Keith
Joshua Keith
5 0 7.72 0.25 7.47 194

8 24381 Randy Hicks
Autumn Hicks
5 0 7.18 0 7.18 193

9 25673 Russell Nixon
Levi Marshall
5 0 7.18 0 7.18 193

10 19308 David Martin
Conner Martin
2 0 3.03 0 3.03 191

11 24378 John Simmons
John Simmons, IV
2 0 2.37 0 2.37 190

12 26171 Luther Kirk
Branson McKee Kirk
0 0 0 0 0 189