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The Fishers of Men Maryland Division held tournament #4 out of the Marshall Hall Ramp on the Potomac River. Our tournament followed a week of heavy pressure on the river with the Toyota Series occupying the river with almost 200 boats Wednesday through Friday. First place was taken by Tom Bateman and Tyler Schroyer with 16.56 lbs. Tom fished the Toyota Series and just missed the Day 3 Top 25 Cut. He had 16 lbs. on day 2, which was on Thursday and was able to back it up today! Jeff Pelkey and Ian Godwin had second place with a strong limit of 15.05 lbs. Long-time FOM competitors Paul Wiley and Jon Crans weighed 13.95 lbs for 3rd place. Jon had the Big Fish for the day at 4.31 lbs. Tom and Jimmy Rufenacht placed 4th with 13.58 lbs. Joey Johnson and Brady Hobbs had 12.48 lbs for 5th place. 6th went to Jonathan and Jody Werner with 10.87 lbs. Sean and Rory Peddicord has 10.67 lbs. for 7th place. Roy Dixon joined us for the first time fishing solo and came in 8th place. It was nice to meet you, Roy!

The Point Standings for the year remain close with just 11 points separating the top 5 teams. Tom and Jimmy Rufenacht are leading by just 2 points over Paul Wiley and Jon Crans. Jeff Pelkey and Ian Godwin are just 5 points behind the leaders! The championship will be decided after tx #5 out of Dorsey Park on Conowingo Reservoir on 6/22/2024.

Evan and Shawn who placed 8th in our first tournament and Sean and Rorey who placed 8th in this tournament are both in line to win a beautiful $300.00 Lews rod and reel combo if they fish the final tournament this year provided by our long time partner Fishermens-Heaven.store.

              Indian Head Baptist Church provided the facility for our Friday night meeting. Their Men’s Ministry prepared an amazing meal and provided a smooth set up for our event. There were 30 in attendance at the meeting. Ian Godwin, former FOM Director and CEO of Fishermens-Heaven.com provided the message. He offered some of his life story and his experience of learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ through his mentor Al Lindner. He encouraged those that maybe haven’t accepted the gospel message to hang in there and keep seeking! He offered us a challenge to live out what God had put in to our lives by sharing and caring for others. I would like to thank each one who helped with the tournament operation. From tournament weigh in set up (Nathan and Maureen Hess), to publicity (Jon Crans), to our Chaplain (Paul Wiley), to family and fellow anglers who pitched in to help, we thank you for your service.

The Maryland Division would like to thank Fishermens-Heaven.store, Stanford Baits and Bigtime baits for their support for our division. Nathan Hess has designed and built our plaques for the winning teams and a big fish plaque for each tournament this year. Fish 4:19 eyewear has an interesting promotion for Fishers of Men this year. Missile baits has also provided a 30% off code for FOM-MD members.

               Fishers of Men would like to thank all our National Sponsors Berkley , BassCat Boats, Abu Garcia, Mercury, Fenwick, Realtree Fishing, FireFly Outdoor & Marine, Power-Pole,  T&H Marine, Frogg Toggs, X2 Power and Jacobs Glass.




Stren Potomac River - 06/08/24



Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 32631 Tom bateman
Tyler Schroyer
5 4.26 16.56 0 16.56 200

2 32091 Jeffrey Pelkey
Ian Godwin
5 3.36 15.05 0 15.05 199

3 30396 Paul Wiley
Jon Crans
5 4.31 13.95 0 13.95 198

4 30388 Tom Rufenacht
James Rufenacht
5 0 13.58 0 13.58 197

5 32093 William Johnson III
Brady Hobbs
5 0 12.48 0 12.48 196

6 30405 Jonathan Werner
Jody Werner
5 0 10.87 0 10.87 195

7 32066 Sean Peddicord
Rory Peddicord
5 0 10.67 0 10.67 194

8 32632 Roy Dixon
5 0 10.5 0 10.5 193

9 30390 Robert Wolf
John Dell
4 0 10.16 0 10.16 192

10 30392 Jacob VanDeVander
Dylan Otte
5 0 9.41 0 9.41 191

11 30595 Thomas Harden
Luis Ponce
2 3.95 5.77 0 5.77 190

12 32065 Mickey McCleary
Roland Bosley
1 3.72 3.72 0 3.72 189

13 30398 James Johnson
Mason Johnso
2 0 3.69 0 3.69 188

14 32128 Shawn Ramey
James Roache
1 2.08 2.08 0 2.08 187

15 31006 Michael Saganich
Raymond Saganich
0 0 0 0 0 186

Tom Bateman and Tyler Schroyer with First Place with 16.56 lbs.

Jeff Pelkey and Ian Godwin with 15.05 lbs. for 2nd Place! Nice bag!

Paul Wiley and Jon Crans continue to have a strong year with a third place finish of 13.95 lbs.

Tom and Jimmy with 13.58 lbs for 4th place.

Joey and Brady had 12.48 lbs. for 5th place.

Welcome Back! Jonathan and Jody Wener with 10.87 for 6th.

Sean and Rory with a 7th place limit of 10.67 lbs.

It was nice to meet Roy Dixon who had his limit for 10.50 and 8th place,

The winners Tom and Tyler with their 1st Place plaques

Thank you Legacy Director and Assistant Director Nate and Maureen Hess for helping with all the tournament operation this weekend!