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Fishers of Men Indiana North, met Friday night at the ramp for their Meeting Meal and Message. They enjoyed a meal of Philly Cheese Steaks and goodies before the evening message delivered by division chaplain Adam Linkenholker. Adam spoke out of Mark 10, sharing about Jesus wanting the Children brought to him. Adams shared as believers, it's our job to bring the message of Jesus Christ to every man, woman, and child. 

As dawn broke over Geist Reservoir in McCordsville, Indiana, the Fishers of Men North fishing tournament kicked off its second event of the season. Fifteen eager teams lined the docks, their boats bobbing gently in the cool morning breeze.

Among them were seasoned anglers like Al Hopkins and Dan Miller, who were determined to make a splash on the leaderboard. With their eyes set on victory, they set out onto the glassy waters, each ripple a promise of the challenges and triumphs to come.The hours ticked by as the teams cast their lines, their patience tested by the elusive fish beneath the surface. Yet, with skill and determination, the anglers persisted, navigating the changing conditions brought by the shifting winds and the encroaching cold front.

As the clock struck 3 p.m., the teams returned to shore, their boats laden with the fruits of their labor. Excitement filled the air as the weigh-in began, each catch a testament to the dedication and skill of the fishermen. In a thrilling finale, Al Hopkins and Dan Miller emerged victorious, their haul of five fish weighing in at an impressive 16.93 pounds. Among them was a stunning 6.44-pound bass, earning Al Hopkins the coveted title of CMA Truck and Auto Big Bass Honors.Close behind were Gary Straber and Jeff Hackler, securing a second place for the second time this season with a total weight of 16.58 pounds. Not far behind, Michael Zerrian and Adam Linkenholker clinched third place with their five bass weighing 15.14 pounds.

Despite the challenging conditions, eleven teams managed to fill their limit out of the fifteen teams that competed and their results posted on the Schmack 'Em Bait and Tackle Results Board, resulting in 61 fish caught throughout the day.

As the sun parted the partly clouded ski, casting a golden glow over the tranquil waters of Geist Reservoir, the anglers gathered to celebrate another successful tournament. Though the wind and cold front had tested their resolve, they emerged stronger, their passion for the sport undiminished. With the promise of future competitions on the horizon, the fishermen bid farewell to McCordsville, their hearts already set on the next adventure that awaited them on the shimmering waters of Winona Lake in Warsaw on May 18th.


Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our fine sponsors;

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             RESULTS LISTED BELOW:                    


Stren Geist Reservoir - 04/20/24



Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 16329 Dan Miller
Al Hopkins
5 6.44 16.93 0 16.93 200

2 28918 Gary Straber
Jeffery Hackler
5 0 16.58 0 16.58 199

3 30414 Michael Zerrien
Adam Linkenhoker
5 0 15.14 0 15.14 198

4 2068 Stacey Poynter
Rodney Lucas
5 0 14.93 0 14.93 147

5 32232 Mark Scobie
John DeVries
5 0 14.62 0 14.62 196

6 31969 Travis Huffman
Mason Huffman
5 0 14.22 0 14.22 195

7 24466 Garrick Straber
Mikael Robbins
5 0 12.93 0 12.93 194

8 31915 Austin Graber
Evan Graber
5 0 10.76 0 10.76 193

9 31999 Dave Blankenship
Dustin Blankenship
5 0 10.56 0 10.56 192

10 30376 David Dale
Jeff Light
5 0 9.3 0 9.3 141

11 31893 Chris Whitley
Brandon Strait
5 0 8.51 0 8.51 140

12 30542 Jerad Schwedler
Eric Schwedler
3 0 7.01 0 7.01 189

13 31890 Carl Davis
Sharon Davis
2 0 4.48 0 4.48 188

14 31891 Jason Smith
Shawn Hamrick
1 0 1.69 0 1.69 187

15 30838 Gregory Richardson
Tristen Richardson
0 0 0 0 0 136